Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Annoying Hard to Use Systems Won't Be Used

It is no real surprise to find that criminals are getting a pass because the police in Queensland Australia don't want to waste time using an expensive "time-consuming data entry system" that takes hours for jobs that used to take an hour.

The QPRIME (Queensland Police Records and Information Management Exchange) is supposed to reduce the burden and improve efficiencies but due to the complexity of navigation, officers are:
reluctant to make arrests and they're showing a lot more discretion in the arrests they make because QPRIME is so convoluted to navigate....minor street offenses, some traffic offenses and minor property matters were going unchallenged
Naturally the Queensland Police Service are standing by their $100 Million investment with the tired and worn out mantra
....the benefits of the QPRIME system into the future far outweigh short-term disaffection by some officers
It's the same in healthcare and the EMR systems being pushed onto the busy clinician today. In some cases they rebel and refuse to be stuck in a system that forces inefficiencies but in many cases find themselves turned into data entry clerks. I've said it before and I'll say it again - why is it Healthcare is the only industry that tries to turn our most highly skilled knowledgeable resources into data entry clerks?

Stop the madness, allow clinicians to capture information without creating a burden of data entry. Clinical documentation is supposed to support clinical care and capturing it should not be a burden that prevents adoption of essential healthcare support technology like the EMR. There is a swathe of clinical documentation specialists who spend their lives offering highly skilled review and editing services that free up the clinician to focus on patient care. They are not just a cost - in fact they offer a value add service that has been delivering grammatically correct, well structured and presented clinical reports for many years. Allow clinicians to capture the full Healthstory that contains both these elements and satisfies the clinical need and computer’s insatiable demand for structured data.

Otherwise patients, like the criminals in Queensland, will find that their symptoms may go unchecked or noticed as clinicians are unable to do both data entry and deliver high quality care.

If you are a patient watching your clinician attempting the nigh impossible feat of paying attention to you and your clinical condition while juggling a laptop, tablet or some other computer based data entry system, do him and yourself a favor. Insist you want the full Healthstory and let him know he can deliver that with the help of his friendly clinical documentation specialist/knoweldge worker without him having to do hunt and click through endless screens. And if you do tell him, let me know what he says and leave a comment here.

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