Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Automating the Pull of Information from EHR's

The Social Security Administration announced they wanted to set up a project to test the concept of pulling information automatically form EHR's to help them deal with the 2.5 million disability claims it receives each year

Currently the process cost ~ $500 million a year to retrieve paper copies of records and then process them. The initial request asked vendors, health providers and payers to suggest a process and referred to a trial currently in process using the Continuity of Care Record (CCR). The framing by SSA as:
a fully automated Personal Health Records prototype system
is a little misleading and submissions can come from all areas. If these records are produced by dictation and transcription (and given the high proportion of information that currently is it is a fair bet that most is) then the opportunity here is for the value to the information by creating these documents in CDA format to be made available to SSA for those records to allow them to process the information automatically.

Information on the request can be found here

This project could be a great demonstration vehicle to show the value of moving all documents into a CDA format making the information instantly more useful and available for processing.

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