Thursday, December 4, 2008

Diagnostic Imaging Report Added to the Healthstory

Interoperability is one step closer especially in radiology with the announcement of the approval of the implementation guide for Diagnostic Imaging that makes it possible to seamlessly share information between radiologists and other electronic health records. The story was reported in Health Imaging and IT Radiology reporting takes on a sharing approach:

The new implementation guide for diagnostic imaging reports will help
radiologists capture and share the whole report or patient story in an
industry-accepted, human- and machine-readable format that includes
both narrative and structured data, according to HL7. As a result,
high-quality diagnostic decision-making reports will be more easily
available to both referring clinicians and clinical systems.
This implementation guide along with the previous guides is available from The Health Story Project (formerly known as CDA4CDT).

This is great work and will of increasing significance as more guides are established and more participants join the project

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